Letter from leadership

NCCF’s mission is to inspire North Carolinians to make lasting and meaningful contributions to their communities. At perhaps no other time in recent history has NCCF’s work at every level converged to test that promise than during fiscal year 2016-2017. Read more

New funds

NCCF was honored to be selected to steward 53 new endowments this past year. Some of their stories are expanded below. Read more

New fund stories

Read about the Dorothea Dix Park Conservancy, which has a rare charge to develop and design a park from hundreds of acres in the center of Raleigh; the Darrell T. Allison Charitable Fund, founded to continue one family’s education legacy; the Reid Sasnett Memorial Scholarship Endowment, which celebrates a short life of love and meaning; and a new agency fund supporting the future of the Catawba County Library.

Impact and financial statement

Metrics detailing NCCF assets, grantmaking and investment performance are available on the full print edition of our annual report, available online here. Our 2017 financial statement is also available in the full report.

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