First row (left to right): Barbara Patten, Janet Colegrove and James W. Narron. Back row (left to right): Adrian King, Jane Thorne, Xavier Wortham, Tilghman Pope, Dennis Huggins, and Juan Austin.

One of the most important assets NCCF holds is our incredible statewide network of affiliate foundations created to strengthen communities across the state through philanthropy.

While each and every affiliate and board member is a hero for the work they do, both sung and unsung, we are particularly proud of the heroes that have taken on expanded leadership over the past few years.

The Affiliate Impact Committee was established three years ago by the FUTURES Committee of the NCCF board of directors to bring together a group of committed affiliate members from across the state to ensure that our affiliate network remains positioned for continued success and maximum effectiveness.

Our affiliate network is one of the largest in the country and an important distinguishing factor that sets NCCF apart, according to Jennifer Tolle Whiteside, NCCF CEO and president. “This is key to our mission that philanthropy is accessible to everyone,” she said.

Over the past three years, the members of the committee have worked tirelessly to ensure the health and sustainability of the network, as well as drive a renewed focus for the affiliate foundation boards across the state.

“The individuals on this committee are taking on expanded leadership,” said Sally Migliore, NCCF director of community leadership and committee member. “They’re working to strengthen the collective network that we are.”

The committee has representatives from an affiliate board in each of NCCF’s eight regions across the state volunteering their time at both levels. “Not only are they serving on their local board, they’re then serving on this committee as a peer leader for their region and the whole state,” said Migliore.

That dedication of leadership has yielded a tangible result that is in place actively helping communities across North Carolina.

The committee created the Blueprint for Success as a framework for the strategic direction of affiliates to enhance their effectiveness in their communities.

The Blueprint is providing structured framework by focusing on four key areas: leveraging grantmaking, developing strong boards that reflect the community, inspiring local philanthropy to grow assets and the family of funds and positioning affiliate leadership as catalysts to address community needs.

“This is a vehicle to help the boards focus their precious volunteer time,” said Sally Migliore, NCCF director of community leadership. “The Blueprint is a strategic tool to help each affiliate be successful and together have greater collective impact across the state.”

This tool is now in the hands of board members serving affiliates in every corner of the state thanks to the dedicated work of the Affiliate Impact Committee.

“What’s really inspiring and rewarding is to see how these leaders gave of their time and their perspectives to help create the Blueprint,” she said. “Their leadership was responsible for this.”

After two years of creation and implementation, the original committee members passed the gavel to the next group of affiliate leaders. The new Affiliate Impact Committee is responsible for continuing the development of and monitoring the Blueprint, ensuring an ongoing connection to and communication with the board and providing a vehicle to discuss affiliate development and needs for continued growth.

Due to the success of the work, the committee is now a committee of the state board of directors, resulting in increased structure and recognition.

“There is continuous and ongoing communication between the affiliates and the state board through this committee,” said Migliore. “They’re reinforcing the relationship between NCCF and the affiliates: that we are one organization and one network.”

The current Affiliate Impact Committee continues to include statewide board members and representatives from each region:

Statewide board members
James W. Narron, Chair
Juan Austin

Affiliate advisory board members
Jane Thorne, President, Edgecombe Charitable Foundation - Coastal Plains North Region
Adrian King, Board Member, Lenoir County Community Foundation - Coastal Plains South Region
Janet Colegrove, President, Currituck-Dare Community Foundation - Northeastern Region
Xavier Wortham, Past President and Board Member, Granville County Community Foundation - Northern Piedmont Region
Dennis Huggins, Past President and Board Member, Wilkes Community Foundation - Northwestern Region
Tilghman Pope, Past President and Board Member, Harnett County Community Foundation - Sandhills Region
Barbara Patten, Board Member, Brunswick County Community Foundation - Southeastern Region
Norma Moss, Board Member, Eastern Band of Cherokees Foundation - Western Region

Staff liaison
Sally Migliore, Director of Community Leadership

The work of the initial committee has been instrumental in the ongoing success of NCCF’s affiliate network. “I want to publicly acknowledge the hard work of our initial Affiliate Impact Committee,” Migliore said. “They helped create a process and a tool that is engaging our affiliates across the state around common goals.”

Former Affiliate Impact Committee members

Brack Townsend, Board Member, Futrell-Mauldin Community Foundation for Greater Rocky Mount - Coastal Plains North Region
Linda Staunch, Board Member, Craven County Community Foundation and Member, NCCF Board of Directors - Coastal Plains South Region
Laura Beasley, President, Bertie-Hertford Community Foundation and Member, NCCF Board of Directors - Northeastern Region
Bonnie Lasky, Grants Committee Chair, Yadkin County Community Foundation - Northwestern Region
Jeff McNeill, Board Member, Hoke County Community Foundation - Sandhills Region
Steve Wangerin, President, Onslow Caring Communities Foundation - Southeastern Region
Gary Lance, President, Haywood County Community Foundation - Western Region

Sally Migliore, Director of Community Leadership
Peggy Birkemeier, Former Senior Regional Associate, Northeastern Region
Patricia Lawler, Former Regional Associate, Southeastern Region
Sue LeLievre, Former Regional Associate, Western Region

Steve Alley, Ekstrom & Associates

For Migliore, the impact the committee has extends far beyond the board room. “The ultimate outcome is that more communities are going to be strengthened,” she said. Thanks to the hard work of every member of the committee, affiliate leaders across North Carolina are equipped with a blueprint to do just that.

“It’s like we’ve come full circle - back to our roots,” Migliore said. “These are the values that we were founded on and are core to our mission.”

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