The North Carolina Community Foundation is proud to serve the people of our state by linking non-profits meeting critical needs with donors through grantmaking.  Our grantmaking reflects our fund-holders’ and donors’ commitment to a number of causes that are important to our state.

Information about our community grantmaking programs is made available annually in February and March. Look for the announcement on our home page during those months for a link to detailed information. Other grant opportunities have varied grants cycles announced throughout the year.

Please note that the NCCF only grants to nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations; grants to individuals are not available. For general questions about applying for grants, contact the NCCF at 919-828-4387.

Upgraded online tools for community grantmaking in 2014! 

The community grants process is once again online for 2014, along with some great upgrades. Click here for our brand-new series of NCCF training modules, which provide a simple overview of the online process. Return applicants will see a process that has improved -- but not changed drastically! For grant seekers: Module I will walk you through creating a profile; Module II will help returning users with the log-in process; and Module III shows how to add a grant application.


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