The board of directors of the Beaufort-Hyde Community Foundation is hosting a Nonprofit Workshop on Tuesday, March 20 from 1:30-4:30 at the Beaufort County Agricultural Center on Airport Rd. The workshop will focus on Engaging Your Nonprofit Board for Success, with emphasis on strengthening nonprofit boards of directors.  Participants are asked to register by March 15 by calling the NCCF Northeast Region Office at 888-375-8115 toll free, or 491-8166. Registration may be sent by email as well: to Peggy Birkemeier at Participants are asked to contribute a donation of $10 to the Beaufort-Hyde Community Fund.

            Nonprofit boards of directors have many roles and responsibilities for the success of organization, whether there is staff or no staff to support that work. New social media and online requirements have created many changes for nonprofits and this workshop will help address those changes and ways to strengthen the role of the board. This workshop will be presented by Peggy Birkemeier, NCCF Senior Associate with over 35 years in nonprofit management and by Sally Migliore, Director of the NCCF Community Leadership Team also with many years of nonprofit leadership and management experiences.

            The Beaufort –Hyde Community Foundation is an Affiliate of the North Carolina Community Foundation. Other Community Foundation Affiliates in this region include Bertie-Hertford, Northern Albemarle, Pitt County, Chowan Community Funds and the Currituck-Dare CF. Affiliates are local advisory boards to the North Carolina Community Foundation. This partnership combines local leadership with professional management services of the statewide NCCF.

            The NCCF Grant application season is now open and information and applications are posted on the NCCF's website and listed by affiliate name, or county name. In general, grants are available to local nonprofit organizations to help them with special project funding and to deliver services to the community. The Beaufort-Hyde Community Fund has $920 available for community grants this year. The grant application deadline is April 12 for affiliates in this northeast region. All grant and scholarship information can be accessed through the website at  Please contact Peggy Birkemeier, Senior Associate, Northeast Region, at 491-8166 for more information.

About the NCCF:

The North Carolina Community Foundation (NCCF) is a statewide community development organization created to build capacity through philanthropy.  The NCCF administers more than $145million in assets that sustain 1,000 endowment funds established to provide long-term support of a broad range of charitable needs, nonprofit organizations and scholarships to 60 affiliate organizations that serve 67 counties across the state, with an emphasis on underserved areas.  For more information, visit or find us on Facebook.


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Peggy Birkemeier, Senior Associate

NCCF Northeast Region



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