We appreciate your work and support of those affected by the recent disaster in our state. This report form will give us critical information on how your organization used grant funds to serve those affected by the disaster.

The report is due within six (6) months of receipt of funding. Please submit form below.

For questions, please e-mail or call:

Sally Migliore
Director of Community Leadership

Purpose of fund: The North Carolina Community Foundation Disaster Relief Fund was established to provide vital services for unmet needs of individuals who live in the affected affiliate communities in the aftermath of a disaster. 

The primary criteria for assistance are the severity of disaster, widespread impact, need of affected individuals, and the lack of adequate resources. Examples of widespread impact include, but are not limited to, industrial accidents, acts of terrorism, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, or other widespread weather related disasters. All monies raised by the North Carolina Community Foundation will be distributed through grants to eligible nonprofit organizations that provide assistance to disaster victims. 

Eligible services for grant funds: The grant can be used to provide the following services to the victims: food/food supplies, prescriptions/medical supplies not covered by insurance, emergency shelter, rental assistance/mortgage payments for home or business, utility payments, cash assistance, and cleanup of the disaster. 

Instructions: Please select the disaster for which you received funding from the drop-down menu in the form below. 

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