All community grant recipients are required to complete this online Final Project Evaluation in addition to the hard-copy Grant Terms & Conditions Form, which accompanied the grant check and must be returned within 60 days of receipt.

Project evaluations will be shared with your local affiliate board and may be used for publicity purposes. We will use these evaluations not only to measure the achievements of the projects we support, but also to help strengthen the Foundation’s grantmaking program by highlighting new directions and issues.  We're interested in learning what contributed to the success of your project as well as challenges your organization faced.

A few important things to note:

  • This form is to be completed two weeks after the conclusion of your project or by your deadline, whichever is first.  
  • If your project is not yet completed, but you anticipate completion before your deadline, please wait until the project is over before submitting this final grant report
  • This is your final, formal grant evaluation.  Be thoughtful!  Please respond in full sentences, keeping in mind that some answers may require several paragraphs to answer.

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