We value our donors and have defined what you can expect from us and how we can help you leverage your role as a fund advisor:

Our commitment to donors

In an effort to strengthen community capacity across North Carolina, we pledge to:

  • Maintain an excellent investment program
  • Provide clear and accurate information about your fund
  • Respond to your inquiries and correspondence promptly
  • Understand the emerging needs of North Carolina’s communities
  • Offer fund advisors opportunities to partner with other donors and organizations of similar interests
  • Recognize the community spirit and generosity of our donors
  • Engage new generations of philanthropists
  • Maintain an on-going partnership with you to help you fulfill your charitable objectives

Your role as fund advisor

As an active partner in the work of the NCCF, you play a critical role in enriching other lives through philanthropy.  An effective giving plan is the result of donors embracing the following responsibilities:

  • Evaluating your own philanthropic goals annually
  • Educating yourself on unmet charitable needs in your community
  • Seeking out the best organizations to accomplish your charitable goals
  • Talking with NCCF staff about any changes in your charitable interests
  • Carefully reviewing your fund statements and annual grant-making packet
  • Participating in opportunities provided through the NCCF to strengthen your giving plan

If you have questions or comments about your fund or gift, please contact the NCCF at 919-828-4387.

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