The Women’s Impact Network operates by consensus, so it does not utilize a formal leadership structure. Participants select one member to serve as president for a two-year term. The president presides over membership meetings and serves as the group’s spokeswoman.

The Network has five committees to support its mission: Grants, Education, Membership, Communications and Special Events.

As a supporter of the NCCF Statewide Women’s Fund, a WIN member also serves as a liaison to the Fund.

Linda Brown - President and Leadership Committee Chair

Melissa Phillippi - Vice President and Leadership Committee Chair

Nancy Scott-Finan - Recording Secretary

Carol Kennedy - Membership Committee Chair

Amy Horgan - Grants Committee Chair

Liz Kachris-Jones - Education Committee Chair

Leigh Johnson - Special Events Committee Chair

Jenny Callison - Communications Chair

Laurie Taylor - WIN Representative, NCCF Statewide Women's Fund Grants Committee

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