A year ago the North Carolina Community Foundation's Statewide Disaster Relief Fund was re-activated, collecting donations and making grants to nonprofits throughout the heart of our state after the tornado devastation in April 2011.

While most of the funds were granted to support tornado victims as well as those who suffered later in the season from Hurricane Irene, some disaster resources were retained. The idea was to ensure availability of funding in the event of other calamities and also to meet any unfunded needs that may arise from the one-two punch of the 2011 weather devastations.

Last month the NCCF statewide grants committee allocated funds to the Cherokee County Community Foundation to help with some of the storm damage from the recent March 2012 tornadoes that hit the western area of our state. The grants committee also allocated some of the reserve to the Pamlico County Community Foundation to help meet lingering problems from Hurricane Irene. Pamlico was one of the hardest hit counties by Hurricane Irene, and rebuilding continues.

Both affliates also utilized resources from their local community grantmaking funds to support programs that are helping victims.

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