We heard you! Many of our donors have been asking about how to set up recurring contributions to their funds. We’re pleased to announce that Network for Good (our online contribution service provider) has recently introduced a new feature that makes this possible. Donors can now automate recurring donations! You can view the new recurring gift option here.  We have two approaches, and both are donor-initiated.

Option 1: 

A donor may initiate a recurring donation on NCCF’s Online Giving Page.  Here’s how it works: 

  1. Go to this page, and click “Make a Gift Online.”
  2. Input donation amount.
  3. Select the box that says “I want to make a recurring donation.”
  4. Select the frequency (monthly, quarterly or yearly).
  5. Select the community grantmaking fund from the dropdown menu or input a fund name (e.g. Name of your county's local affiliate community foundation, NCCF Disaster Relief or your local women' giving circle's name).
  6. Input donor’s contact information and billing address.
  7. To authorize a recurring draft from a checking account, the donor may input their Visa debit card information. Visa, American Express or Mastercard credit cards are accepted as well.
  8. Donor will receive a log-in ID and password. The donor should remember hir or her password to allow access later to edit or cancel a recurring donation.
  9. The donor will receive an automated conformation by email immediately upon submitting his or her online gift.  In addition, NCCF will mail a thank you letter to the donor every time an online gift is received.

Option 2: 

Donors may contact their personal banks to initiate a recurring draft from their checking accounts.  Most banks offer this service (typically referred to as ‘Bill Pay’) through their banks' online banking services.  Many banks offer this service free-of-charge to personal checking account holders. Here’s how it works:

  1. Donor will log-in to personal checking account via bank’s website and initiative a recurring payment to the NCCF through bank’s Bill Pay system. 
  2. Donor will be prompted to indicate dollar amount and frequency of recurring gift (e.g. monthly, quarterly)
  3. Donor will be prompted to input the mailing address for the recurring donation:

North Carolina Community Foundation
4601 Six Forks Road, Suite 524
Raleigh, NC 27609

  1. In the memo or reference line, the donor will indicate the NCCF affiliate or fund(s) to which the gift should be applied (e.g. NCCF Disaster Relief, Name of Affiliate, etc.)
  2. The donor’s bank will continue to process the recurring drafts until the donor initiates a cancellation or change. Changes or cancellations may also be handled through the donor’s online banking website.
  3. Every time NCCF receives a donation check from the donor’s bank, NCCF will mail a thank-you letter and tax receipt to the donor.

Both methods detailed above are donor-initiated to provide an automated giving option that allows  donors the convenience and flexibility to initiate or make changes to their recurring gift.  Since the systems are automated, there is no need for the donor to alert NCCF staff to (1) submit a new recurring gift, (2) change the dollar amount and frequency of their recurring donation, (3) edit or change their contact information, phone number, email, or mailing address (4) change or edit their bank account number, (5) change the endowment fund to which their recurring gift should be applied, or to (6) cancel their recurring donation altogether. 

Questions? Contact the regional associate serving your area or call the Raleigh main office at 919-828-4387.

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