The North Carolina Community Foundation has awarded nearly $829,000 in scholarships and educational grants for academic year 2011-2012, according to NCCF CEO Jennifer Tolle Whiteside.

The NCCF has awarded $610,929 in direct scholarship aid to students from across North Carolina, representing 332 scholarships to 291 students. Of these, 105 scholarships were awarded to first-generation college students.

The NCCF also has contributed another $217,779 in grant money to educational institutions for the purpose of awarding scholarships to students attending these schools.

Direct scholarships have been awarded to recent high school graduates and other qualified adults seeking higher education at public and private universities and community colleges. Scholarship endowments are held by the NCCF for most of its 60 affiliate foundations statewide.

“These scholarship grants are changing and improving the lives of many North Carolinians – now and for generations to come,” Tolle Whiteside said. 

The scholarships are among 1,965 grants totaling more than $6.8 million that the NCCF awarded last fiscal year, a record amount for the foundation.

Those interested in investigating scholarship opportunities offered through the NCCF should visit the scholarship page on NCCF's website in February 2012. To establish a scholarship endowment, please email Beth Boney Jenkins, NCCF’s vice president of development, or call 919-256-6932.

Interesting facts about 2011-2112 NCCF scholarship awards

In the 2011-2012 scholarship season, NCCF awarded $610,929 in direct scholarship aid to students and $217,779 to institutions of higher learning.

In 2011, 332 scholarship grants from 129 NCCF funds were made to 291 students from across North Carolina. 

105 NCCF scholarships were awarded in 2011 to first-generation college students.

This year’s NCCF scholarship recipients attend 82 schools in 17 states.

52 of the schools attended by 2011 NCCF scholarship recipients are in North Carolina, meaning $551,024 in scholarship dollars stayed in North Carolina!

2011 NCCF scholarship recipients represent 15 of the 16 public universities in North Carolina, with $435,100 awarded to 184 students at those schools.

22 private North Carolina colleges and universities have students in attendance supported by this year’s NCCF scholarships totaling $83,064.

2011 NCCF scholarship recipients attend 15 of North Carolina’s 58 community colleges – 31 scholarships totaling $32,860 went to NC community college students.

189 scholarships totaling $340,059 were awarded to women in 2011. 

Schools with the largest number of students and scholarship dollars this year were:

  • North Carolina State University – 53 scholarships totaling $117,190
  • UNC Chapel Hill – 42 scholarships totaling $112,740
  • East Carolina University – 27 scholarships totaling $42,840
  • Western Carolina University – 26 scholarships totaling $39,685
  • Appalachian State University – 24 scholarships totaling $34,265
  • UNC Wilmington – 15 scholarships totaling $22,610
  • Campbell University – 11 scholarships totaling $35,730

 Note: Facts listed above were generated on  October 14, 2011

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