Whether it's Community Foundation Week (Nov. 12-18), Philanthropy Day (nationally declared as Nov. 15 but varies throughout the state) or Nonprofit Awareness Month, we take time in November to acknowledge the contributions we all make to further the important work that our sector at large performs, and our community foundation niche does in particular!

Check back here throughout the month for interesting factoids related to philanthropy. New info is posted at the end, so please scroll down...

Today's tidbit:

Did you know that nonprofits provide more than 400,000 jobs -- nearly 10% of all jobs in North Carolina?
That's twice as many jobs as tourism, 2.6 times as many as the entire finance, insurance and real estate industries combined, three times more than transportation and 26 times more than the utility industry! WOW! (Source: N.C. Center for Nonprofits)

Foundation fact:

More than 700 community foundations exist in the United States. Last year, these essential organizations granted about $4 BILLION to a variety of nonprofit organizations serving the arts, education, health and human services, the environment and disaster relief. NCCF is still allocating funds to programs serving Hurricane Irene victims. (Sources: Council of Foundations and NCCF)

NCCF news:

Today, the Wake County Women's Giving Network will award $140,000 to area nonprofits, which will be announced later. This brings the granting total of this five-year-old giving circle to an astounding $564,000! NCCF supports eight women's giving programs across the state AND sponsors the Statewide NCCF Women's Giving Fund. (Source: NCCF)

Interesting info:

Community foundations are one of the fastest-growing charitable-giving organizations in the US, with about 700 and counting currently in operation. (Source: Council of Foundations)

Statewide statistic:

There are18 community foundations serving the State of North Carolina. (Source: NC Network of Grantmakers)

More statewide metrics:

North Carolina has about 10,690 501(c)(3) organizations with annual revenues over $25,000. (Source: NC Center for Nonprofits)

Friday fact:

While most nonprofits in North Carolina are quite small (only one-third have annual budgets of $100,000 or more), about 300 of our state's nonprofits are quite large and contribute more than $10 million a year apiece into the state's economy. (Source: NC Center for Nonprofits)

Of national note:

The nonprofit sector in the U.S. accounts for 5.4% of gross domestic product and 9% of all wages paid. (Source: The Urban Institute)



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