Program overview

The Biogen Foundation’s Ignite the Power of STEM program awards grants to support science education programs and projects in public and charter elementary, middle and high schools in North Carolina and Massachusetts

Ignite the Power of STEM grants are awarded to teachers and schools that serve K-12 students.

  • Teachers may apply for up to $2,000
  • Schools may apply for up to $5,000

 Programs should be designed to:

  • Promote science literacy in innovative ways among students
  • Enable teachers to bring new, exciting hands-on science experiences to their students
  • Encourage equal-access, quality STEM education
  • Inspire students to pursue STEM careers

The Biogen Foundation will consider a broad range of projects, as long as they expand and enhance science education at the elementary, middle and/or high school levels.

Grants are awarded to teachers and schools presenting proposals that incorporate new and innovative methods to enhance the teaching of science. Examples of what funds may be used for include:

  • Purchase of laboratory materials or classroom technology enhancements for use by students in hands-on experimentation
  • Fee to cover the stipend for an expert to speak to a science class
  • Purchase of books, workbooks, lab manuals, etc. not covered by regular instructional budget (not replacement of textbooks covered by school budget)
  • Transportation for students to participate in field trips to science museums, Biogen Community Lab, or other programs of scientific interest
  • Admission fees for classes on educational field trips to science museums, botanical gardens, zoological gardens, etc.
  • Curricular materials or other needs for regular classroom, after-school, or summer science programs

The NC Community Foundation is pleased to serve as the administrator for this grants program. 

The 2016-17 application cycle will open on October 15, 2016, and the deadline will be January 15, 2017.  

For more information about this grant program in:

North CarolinaClick Here.

Massachusetts, Click Here.

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