“Please do NOT attend!”

That is the message from the Robeson County Community Foundation board of directors, who are “hosting” their second annual Phantom Ball fundraiser.

“Last year the board talked about having an event to raise money for the Robeson County Unrestricted Endowment Fund,” said Wendy Pridgen, Phantom Ball Committee member.

“Board member Horace Stacy came up with the idea of the Phantom Ball,” she said.  “Instead of having to rent a tux and spend a lot of money on food and decorations, we are asking people ‘attend’ by making a donation to the Robeson County Unrestricted Endowment Fund.  Contributions are fully tax-deductible, and folks know they are helping a lot of nonprofits in Robeson County.”

This year the Robeson County Community Foundation board of directors will be sending more than 350 “invitations” to past supporters and other residents of Robeson County.

“We are asking that people respond to the mailing by sending a donation to the Endowment Fund by Monday, April 11,” said Wendy Pridgen. 

“Last year a lot of our donors said they loved the concept, and they thanked us for making it so easy for them to support the Foundation,” said Pridgen. 

The Robeson County Community Foundation, an affiliate of the North Carolina Community Foundation, was established in 2005 to assist individuals, families and nonprofits in building long-term financial resources for charitable purposes.  In the past four years, it has made more than $9,000 in grants to local charities through its annual, competitive grant process.  Past grant recipients include Lumberton Rescue & EMS, the Southeastern Family Violence Center and the Robeson Center for Child and Family Health.

In addition to the Robeson County Unrestricted Endowment Fund, the Robeson County Community Foundation administers 16 additional endowment funds with a combined asset value of more than half a million dollars.

“These local endowment funds are permanent assets that support many local organizations that benefit the citizens of Robeson County,” said board president Dr. Eric Dent.  “We add all the money we raise from the Phantom Ball to the Robeson County Unrestricted Endowment Fund, which increases the amount of money we have each year for grants to local nonprofits.”

Robeson County Community Foundation board members include:  Dr. Eric Dent (President), Gayle Fernandez (President-Elect), Von Johnson (Secretary-Treasurer), James Adams, James Byrne, Joe Craig, James Gore, Bruce Huggins, Susie Jones, R.D. Locklear, Bryan Maynor, Wendy Pridgen and Horace Stacy. 

For more information about the Robeson County Community Foundation’s 2011 Phantom Ball, please contact Wendy Pridgen at 910-740-5555.


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