We all know that women have traditionally made tremendous contributions to the strength and vitality of their families and communities, often making a difference in quiet, unheralded ways. Today, women across the country are recognizing the power of concerted action and creating giving groups to leverage their collective finances to work on mutual concerns and shared goals.

In late 2007, Rocky Mount joined the ranks of communities across North Carolina and beyond by initiating a local women’s giving group. The Women Givers of Nash-Rocky Mount expect to have 30 members in 2008 and to continue growing as other women learn of our dynamic purpose.

The Women Givers of Nash-Rocky Mount is committed to leveraging the power of collective philanthropy as we work to connect women in meaningful and purposeful ways. Initiatives that benefit women and families are our current priority. Our focus is to:

The Women Givers of Nash-Rocky Mount seeks membership from those who support our mission and agree to become participating members through the fund. Through a collaborative decision-making process involving all fund members, we provide grants to organizations and programs based on specific criteria established by members. All women are invited to participate in our collective endeavor.

All members commit to contribute $250.00. Annual distribution includes: $200.00 for the annual grantmaking pool; $25.00 for administration purposes; and $25.00 for the statewide Women’s Fund, held by the North Carolina Community Foundation. All members receive one vote to determine the organization/s and program/s to receive annual funding. As an individual member, you also have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in an organization of women empowering other women
  • Help women make strategic and informed decisions about philanthropy
  • Attend The Women Givers educational meetings and special events
  • Network with women who share similar values and enjoy the camaraderie that comes from being part of a cause-driven group
  • Witness the power of collective support

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A major purpose of The Women Givers is to strengthen the Nash-Rocky Mount through the power of the membership’s collective giving. Through a carefully developed and streamlined grants process, The Women Givers Fund provides financial support to local programs and services that have a strong impact on critical and/or emerging needs in our community. The process begins with the determination of priorities for funding for the year, followed by receipt of grant applications from those organizations interested. Presentations are made by the finalists selected by the grants committee, then the full membership votes on the programs to receive grant funding. Grants are awarded at an annual celebration event, which gives our community service providers and members a chance to reflect on our common concerns and renew our shared commitment to make a positive difference in our community.

For more information about joining The Women Givers of Nash-Rocky Mount or for information pertaining to the 2008 grant cycle, call Kelly Lee at 252-245-1794.

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