Check out this link to UNC-TV's North Carolina NOW program that aired recently. The show featured a report on innovative economic development programs at the Newbold-White House, which is located in the Perquimans County Town of Hertford. Built in 1730, this is the oldest house in the state open to the public.

One of the economic development initiatives profiled in the segment teaches local women how to create textiles typical of the 1700s and 1800s to sell at the museum gift shop on site, providing income for both the participants and the historic house. A 2009 grant from the Elizabeth City Jaycees fund, held with the Northern Albemarle Community Foundation (NACF), helped to get the program off the ground. The NACF is an affiliate of the NCCF. Featured on the show is Peggy Birkemeier, NCCF senior regional associate, who serves the Northeast.

The photo on the home page shows UNC-TV producers filming the segment earlier this summer.

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