The North Carolina Community Foundation has earned the trust of professional advisors across North Carolina. Here’s how we can help you:

  • We add value to your practice by expanding your capabilities to meet your clients’ specialized needs.
  • We partner with you, providing support, information and expertise related to charitable-giving options.
  • You remain in control of the client relationship. We work through you in whatever capacity you deem appropriate to meet your clients’ charitable-giving goals.
  • We help you meet client expectations. Research indicates that many who seek financial-planning advice want and expect to talk about philanthropy and how they can achieve both charitable-giving goals and also tax advantages.
  • Your practice can grow. If you help families create donor-advised funds with the NCCF, you have established relationships that can extend into future generations.

Tools you can use:

Seven questions for estate and financial advisors

Starting the conversation

Advantages of community vs. private vs. commercial fund

How it works

The power of endowment

Types of funds

What to give and ways to give

NCCF investment options

Planned giving

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