What is Healthy Places NC in McDowell County?

Healthy Places NC is an initiative of the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust (Trust) that is investing $100 million over the next decade to improve health in 10 to 12 rural NC counties. In 2012, the Trust invited McDowell County to participate in Healthy Places NC.

Why is this important?

County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, which ranks the health of every county in the country, has placed McDowell County in the bottom third of North Carolina’s counties in terms of health. The very life-blood of the county, including its economic potential, current population and future generations, depends on identifying the causes of the health problems -- and developing local, collaborative solutions.

How will this work?

Our team will work directly in McDowell County with local leaders, health professionals and citizens to engage in the discovery of root problems and explore solutions to effect real change.  The Trust has employed this unique, grass-roots approach in other NC areas, where engaging all facets of the local population has cultivated new ways of thinking and problem-solving.  We’ve witnessed the sustainable change that occurs when the local community is engaged and leading the effort. The strategy also benefits from the Trust’s significant commitment of time, money and professional resources. The Trust will make grants to new or existing programs that support the community’s health improvement priorities.  

Who’s on the team?

The Trust is supporting a partnership between the North Carolina Community Foundation (NCCF) and Rural Support Partners (RSP) to continue Healthy Places NC in McDowell County. NCCF’s status as the single community foundation serving North Carolina provides a history of building deep connections and a unique perspective of our state’s issues and opportunities. RSP works hand-in-hand with leaders and organizations, networking to strengthen the local economy and the general well-being of rural communities across Central Appalachia. Acting under NCCF’s umbrella allows RSP to bring a balanced perspective for the Trust, while maintaining the interests of the local McDowell community. RSP’s expertise also will bring professional program support that will include but not be limited to facilitation, research, community engagement and assistance with project development and execution. They provide a variety of services to build the capacity of leaders and organizations to achieve better results.

Who to call?

For more information about RSP’s services and local team, email Mary Snow, program manager, or call her at 828-448-2387. For information about NCCF, email Sally Migliore, director of community leadership, or call her at 919-256-6911.

here for a PDF of NCCF’s Healthy Places NC flier.

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