Nondisclosure of confidential information:

Through the normal course of its work, the North Carolina Community Foundation’s board and staff may be exposed to confidential information about donors, grant-seekers, grantees and other individuals or organizations. The NCCF’s board and staff pledge to keep totally confidential all non-public information of a sensitive nature. Specifically:

  • The NCCF does not provide donor contact information to any outside source.
  • The NCCF protects donors’ rights to privacy and anonymity. Those wishing anonymity need only communicate this request to any NCCF staff member.
  • The NCCF takes every reasonable step and caution to ensure that information technology systems cannot be invaded by unauthorized users.
  • Those included on email distribution lists may opt-out at any time by notifying the NCCF through a number of identifiable and convenient channels linked to our e-communications channels.

For more information about the NCCF or its privacy policies, please contact us or call 919-838-4387.

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