If you operate a private foundation or are considering establishing a charitable trust, you may have also thought about creating a fund with a community foundation. You should know about the fundamental differences between private and community foundations as you look at your options.

For ease, convenience and cost-effectiveness, the North Carolina Community Foundation presents a powerful and attractive option through a donor advised fund.

Of course you’d expect that we’d promote the convenience and ease afforded through a community foundation, which is attracting philanthropists in increasing numbers. But we realize that others may find that the private structure fits their needs. Some have used both private foundations and donor advised funds to effectively accomplish their charitable and financial goals. 

The North Carolina Community Foundation can assist you with a conversion strategy -- or a blended approach to your philanthropy.

If you already have a private or family foundation and are interested in converting to a donor advised fund, we will help make the transition seamless, ensuring flexible options to meet your philanthropic goals, now and in the future. 

Or, you may wish to maintain your private foundation and partner with NCCF to help manage the details that accompany running your own charitable trust or nonprofit corporation. There are several ways we can partner and services we provide to those who wish to retain private foundation status.

For more information please contact Beth Boney Jenkins, Vice President for Development, at 919-828-4387. Professional advisors may contact Mary Morgan, Philanthropy Counsel, at 919-828-4387.

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