January 2018 message to TAG members from Founder Diane Amato:
As you know, The Art of Giving (TAG) has been a program supported by both the North Carolina Community Foundation and the Triangle Community Foundation. NCCF has been responsible for handling the financial and membership piece, and TCF has worked with us on the grant process. We have been lucky to have both foundations work so hard for us over these past nine years. And that means that there has been double effort on their part to support us. As we rolled into 2018 the foundations have revisited this arrangement and asked us to consider a change.

Beginning this year, TAG will switch from being a program of both foundations to working solely with the Triangle Community Foundation. Your first question may be "what does that mean to me?" 

It means two things: 

1.  Your 2018 dues will be paid directly to the Triangle Community Foundation rather than the North Carolina Community Foundation.

2.  Previously $100 of your annual commitment supported administrative costs; however, by setting up a fund with Triangle Community Foundation singly, TAG will pay 1% of the total fund or $300, whichever is the greater amount. That means more of your $600 donation will be granted out to Triangle nonprofits doing important work for women and families.

This is a good change for TAG, although we will miss our connection with the North Carolina Community Foundation. They have been a tremendous support and advocate since our inception.

A message from NCCF's CEO, who has been very involved over the years:

“The North Carolina Community Foundation has enjoyed the partnership, and we are proud to have played a small part in this great group of women. We will continue to support the efforts of The Art of Giving, just a bit more from the sidelines. The change was made to ensure more philanthropic dollars were available for the community. And Triangle Community Foundation's service area mirrors TAG's grants region. Thank you for your ongoing support of TAG.”
Jennifer Tolle Whiteside
President & CEO
North Carolina Community Foundation

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