Introducing Many Voices


Welcome to Many Voices, the introduction and first installment of the NCCF’s blog. In this space you will hear regularly from our CEO Jennifer Tolle Whiteside, who always has something interesting to say and share about what she’s observed about philanthropy throughout North Carolina and beyond. She has asked to share the dialogue with several others on our team, who will each provide a unique perspective based on their particular areas of expertise. It was her idea to name our blog Many Voices because we want this space to be a conversation with you and channel the diverse and many viewpoints we represent across the state. 

In this space, you will also meet:

  • Beth Boney Jenkins, VP of Affiliate Services, who manages our development staff statewide and has witnessed the power of endowed giving throughout North Carolina; 
  • Peggy Birkemeier, Leslie Stewart and Patricia Lawler, all members of the development team, who not only represent different geographies but ideas as well;
  • John Hartley, our Director of Finance, who has keen insight on the markets and our investment portfolio;
  • Carrie Gray, Director of Donor Engagement, who is always engaging if not informative about giving, granting and the NCCF’s program areas;
  • Noël McLaughlin, Director of Marketing and Communications, who like all of her ilk is never at a loss for words.

We can’t wait to get the conversation started… 

The NCCF Blogging Team

Jennifer                   Carrie                       Beth                        John

Peggy                      Leslie                       Noel                        Patricia