Private foundation options: NCCF is your partner

If you operate a private foundation or are considering the establishment of a charitable trust, you also may have thought about creating a fund with a community foundation. You should know about the fundamental differences between private and community foundations as you look at your options.

For ease, convenience and cost effectiveness, the NCCF presents a powerful and attractive option through a donor advised fund or a blended strategy.

Consider the following solutions to address your giving goals:

  • Establish a donor advised fund instead of a private foundation: If your main goal is the joy of giving and you’re not interested in managing a separate organization, consider the simplicity and flexibility of a donor advised fund with the NCCF. 
  • Convert your private foundation to a donor advised fund with NCCF: If the work of maintaining your private foundation has become overwhelming, but you wish to preserve the legacy of your existing foundation, consider converting it to a donor advised fund with NCCF. The name of your private foundation may be preserved (anonymity is also an option), and grantmaking may continue in accordance with your private foundation’s original giving intent. 
  • Keep your private foundation but also establish a parallel donor advised fund: If you’re interested in accessing the comprehensive services of NCCF before planning to convert, consider establishing a parallel donor advised fund to access our expertise in charitable fund management.
  • Grant all or part of your private foundation’s required annual payout to a fund with NCCF: One or more simple grants to any funds held by NCCF will fulfill your private foundation’s annual payout requirements.

We can assist you with the establishment of a donor advised fund, a conversion strategy for your private foundation or a blended approach to your philanthropy.

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