Scholarship metrics for 2013-2014 school year provide peek into important NCCF niche

NCCF is proud of the scholarships we administer on behalf of our fundholders -- and our growing reputation for expertise in this important niche of grantmaking. For the 2013-2014 academic year, NCCF awarded $585,140 in direct scholarships to 305 students across North Carolina.

We began celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2013 so have looked at some milestones over the last quarter-century, including scholarships. We are proud that NCCF has awarded $4.2 million directly to 3,187 students on behalf of our fundholders.

Here are some other interesting metrics that Leslie Ann Jackson, NCCF director of grants and scholarships, gathered in September:

  • 323 individual scholarships were awarded from 119 NCCF scholarship funds in 2013.
  • 102 of the 2013 NCCF scholars are first-generation college students.
  • This year’s NCCF scholarship recipients hail from 128 North Carolina cities and towns, and they are now studying at 79 different schools in 14 states across the country.
  • 55 of the schools attended by 2013 NCCF scholars are in North Carolina, meaning $530,370 in scholarship dollars stayed right here in our state – a new record!
  • 2013 NCCF scholars attend:
    • 16 public universities in NC, with $335,885 for 184 students at those schools.
    • 21 private colleges and universities in NC, with $138,960 for 56 students.
    • 18 community colleges in NC, with $55,525 for 34 students at those schools.
  • Schools with the largest number of NCCF scholars and scholarship dollars this year were:

Western Carolina University             33 scholarships, totaling $46,530
NC State University                          32 scholarships, totaling $50,595
East Carolina University                   31 scholarships, totaling $57,175
UNC Chapel Hill                               30 scholarships, totaling $67,325

Interesting note: NCCF’s Campbell University scholars received 16 scholarships in 2013, about half the number of those schools listed above; however, these scholarships totaled $67,480 – the most NCCF scholarship dollars awarded to any school in NC.

  • 214 scholarships, totaling $375,855, were awarded to women in 2013.
  • By the end of the 2013-14 academic year, 35 of this year’s NCCF scholars will graduate!

NCCF is proud of each and every one of our scholars, and we are so grateful for our generous scholarship fundholders and the dedicated scholarship administrators who support and encourage the educational pursuits of these students!  

To learn more about some of our individual scholars, visit the Scholar Spotlight feature.