Rebecca Gatling Long Memorial Scholarship

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High school seniors residing in Northampton County and graduating from Northampton County High School (or its successor high school should it cease to exist) or graduating from a public or private high school while continuing to reside in Northampton County who plan to continue their education by pursuing certification in a qualified vocational or technical program, or by attending a college, university or community college.

Preference shall be given to applicants graduating from Northampton County High School. Eligible applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4-point scale, and demonstrate financial need and involvement in academic activities, sports or community service.

About Rebecca Gatling Long

Rebecca Gatling Long, or Miss Rebie, as she was known in her community, spent most of her life In Jackson, N.C. She graduated from Chowan College in Murfreesboro in 1920, a time when few women pursued higher education.

During her career, she was a teacher, a secretary to the Northampton Superintendent of Schools (her father) and assistant in the Clerk of Court’s office. Later, she was elected Clerk of Court, and became the first woman to hold an elected position in Northampton County.

After she retired, she continued to teach Sunday School and belonged to her church circle at Jackson Baptist Church. She also participated in a book club and grew vegetables and roses in her garden.

Her niece, Sandy Long Sperry, considers Miss Rebie, “the most meaningful person in my life.” She was the embodiment of a life well-lived. “Through her kindness, love and example she became my role model,” says Sperry.

“She embraced learning through experiences and reading, and supported educational opportunities with enthusiasm and financial generosity,” says Sperry. “As I became older, I learned from other people in Jackson that she had helped them in numerous ways as they grew up and when they were adults. She always had time to listen and could express her thoughts in a gentle manner.”

Due Date

July 9, 2024

How to Apply

Apply by using NCCF’s Online Application System. When prompted for an access code, use: rebec