Our statewide network of affiliate foundations sponsors annual grant cycles for local nonprofits. Information about grants available in your area can be found by selecting your local affiliate below. If you are not located in a county we serve, please contact the North Carolina Network of Grantmakers to find your local community foundation.

2014 community grantmaking calendars

Grantmaking calendar by opening date

Grantmaking calendar alphabetically by affiliate name

Application information 2014

Select an affiliate and click "Go".

Online tools for community grantmaking return in 2014! 

The community grants process is online again in 2014. Training modules are now updated.

Click here for this year's series of NCCF training modules, which provide a simple overview of the online process. Returning applicants will see a process that has improved -- but not changed drastically! Module I will walk you through creating a profile; Module II will help returning users with the log-in process; and Module III shows how to add a grant application.

Publicity tools for community grants

It's important to get the word out about grants your organization receives from NCCF's affiliate foundations. Not only does it let the community know about your organization's great work, but it can also encourage charitable giving and inform other nonprofits about the NCCF's grant-making programs available through affiliates.

Receiving a grant through the NCCF's community grantmaking program also lends credibility to your organization and its programs because it is a competitive process. Resources are limited and needs are great in every community we serve, so local grants committees employ a thorough evaluation process before making grants recommendations each year.

While NCCF's regional associates generally publicize and announce the affiliates' grant awards as a group each year, your organization may want to go into more detail about the funded programs. Members of the news media are interested in hearing directly from the nonprofit because you are the most knowledgeable about your programs and results.

Please visit this section under the Resource tab for a complete set of tools and guidelines to help you get the word out.

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