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As a matter of policy...

NCCF's CFO Wilson Simmons reminds us that sound policy is a necessary framework to ensure ethical standards and maintain trust. But it is not as simple as it sounds. Hey, we're human!

What we’re reading

Ever wondered what your friends at NCCF are reading in their spare time to brush up on the latest news and current affairs? Then this new addition to our blog is for you!

How does our garden grow?

Dawn Neighbors, regional director for the Sandhills, posts a blog about cultivation. The avid gardener sees the future in her garden -- and in our communities through local grantmaking programs.

Pop-Up energy

We just co-hosted our annual Pop-Up Philanthropy event with NCCF affiliates in New Hanover and Brunswick counties, and CEO Jennifer Tolle Whiteside is energized about our history in the region and our work there now and in the future!

What are your five?

Quinn Novels, NCCF regional director for the Northern Piedmont, challenges us all to create our own value statements in this new blog.

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