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Long-playing philanthropy

Beth Jenkins, NCCF vice president for development, reminds us how a gift to this year's Chairman's Challenge can change the course of your community, beyond your expectations.


It started as a power walk, but quickly slowed down to a pace suited for discovery when NCCF CEO Jennifer Tolle Whiteside paused to look around.

On the Road Again

NCCF CLT Director Sally Migliore doesn't ever stay off the road for too long. Just don't ask her if she's ever heard of Willie Nelson!

What's your journey?

D'Wayne Wilkins, NCCF manager of information technology, recently returned from a cross-country trip on his Harley Davidson. It was a journey of fun -- and reflection.

Where are we gonna sit?

Louis Duke, NCCF communications and marketing specialist, posts a blog reflecting on what it takes to change the world -- one chair at a time.

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