The primary investment option for new endowments is our proprietary North Carolina Community Foundation Investment Fund -- or NCCF Investment Fund.

The broadly diverse, progressive NCCF Investment Fund, which includes both liquid and illiquid real assets and alternative strategies is best positioned to achieve our long-term investment objectives in today's turbulent markets.

As the NCCF Investment Fund grows, additional options may be added both for diversification and competition. We believe that in the long-run, the NCCF Investment Fund's broad market access, tougher benchmarks and greater diversification will provide compelling results. 

Additional investment managers

Aside from the NCCF Investment Fund, the Foundation has long-term relationships with a number of additional investment managers. The portfolio is evaluated against recognizable and commonly used benchmark indices and reported to fundholders on a quarterly basis. Investment management fees are netted to investment performance.

Investment reporting

Individual endowment performance and fund activity are provided to fund holders on a quarterly basis.  These fund statements are distributed about Feb. 15, May 15, August 15 and November 15.  Historical portfolio performance and a quarterly market recap are also provided. In addition an Investment Portfolio Fact Sheet is also available as a comprehensive resource for the portfolio.

Email John Hartley, Director of Finance, with questions regarding investment management and the portfolio or call 919-256-6918. 

Financial statements

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