I’ve been thinking about “permanence” lately. In my career, mainly focused in the human resources field, we were always cautioned about calling anything “permanent.” Fun fact, North Carolina is an at-will state, so employees can leave their employers for any reason at any time, and employers can ask their employees to leave at any time for any reason (except discrimination – that’s bad). So, the idea of anything being “permanent” elicits an almost visceral reaction in my body – not proud of it, but I can’t help it. I’ve always subscribed to the idea that things change – people change, organizations change and nothing can be counted on as permanent.

Then I joined the NCCF. And the feeling about the word permanent changed. Not so much about people or organizations – we all must continue changing to continue growing. But here I learned about the permanence of our endowments. Permanent. Forever. A person/family/organization can set up an endowed fund that can last forever – and make an impact on issues and people they care about – forever. Because endowments are managed as investments, and granting comes from a portion of that endowment, the ability to give will continue – forever.

I’m an eternal optimist – it’s kind of ridiculous – a true Pollyanna (perfect definition – an excessively cheerful or optimistic person). And the idea of permanence in endowments fuels that optimism. Just imagine what could/would happen in North Carolina if those who are able set up permanent endowments to help others? And they would last forever? Wow. Now that’s a goal.

We can help.  😊

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