Women’s giving is strong and growing across North Carolina, and there is much to learn from this rich and traditional philanthropic movement. The NCCF’s programming centered on women has leveraged networks and the power of collective giving.

Through several regional women’s giving groups and our statewide endowment fund, the NCCF has partnered with women from across North Carolina to help marshal their charitable interests and resources in focused, purposeful and strategic ways.

Like volunteerism, philanthropy is a collective endeavor, and these funds and efforts benefit from the power of pooled resources that help women solve issues and problems right at the source.

The NCCF also continues its long history of supporting women as philanthropists through its NCCF statewide Women’s Fund. This endowment was established to meet the critical needs of women and children across the state, with priority given to programs focused on women’s health and developing leadership skills among women and girls. 

NCCF has sponsored and supports the following women’s giving groups (follow the links to obtain information about how to join and get involved). 

For more information about joining or establishing a women’s giving group in your area, please contact the regional development associate who serves your county.

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