The North Carolina Community Foundation is honored to serve the people of our state by connecting our nonprofit partners that are meeting community needs with our fundholders and donors supporting that vital work. Our competitive grantmaking programs demonstrate our fundholders’ commitment to nonprofit causes strengthening our communities across the state.

NCCF is honored to administer nearly 1,300 funds supporting North Carolina. Many of our funds are advised by their donors, based on their philanthropic interests, rather than through an application process. However, we offer a variety of grantmaking programs that do seek applications each year, according to the program’s intentions. These programs each have their own guidelines and criteria. Please see below to learn more about each of these programs.

Community grantmaking

NCCF’s community grantmaking programs are advised by our network of affiliate foundations. Each affiliate is advised by a local board who help to marshall resources through their unique knowledge and understanding of local needs and opportunities.

Giving circles

NCCF sponsors several giving circles in North Carolina. Primarily focused on women’s giving, NCCF’s giving circles support charitable organizations serving women, children and families. These programs leverage local community networks and the power of collective giving.

NCCF Disaster Relief Fund

The NCCF board of directors allocated a $1 million initial round of grants to support long-term recovery and meet unmet needs from Hurricane Florence.

Louise Oriole Burevitch Endowment

NCCF is pleased to offer this competitive grants program in support of nonprofit organizations that serve education, health, and human services within 41 counties in eastern NC.

Corporate grantmaking programs

NCCF administers grantmaking programs on behalf of corporate partners. These programs each have unique guidelines and criteria, based on the corporation’s interests.