How to use online fund access

Using online access to your NCCF fund is a convenient, reliable and secure way to manage your philanthropy.

How to set up your online account

You should receive an email from our online system when your fund is set up to active your account and log in.

This email will contain a link that will allow you to access the system, set up your password and log in for the first time.

How to log in to your account for the first time

When you receive your log in access email, the link will take you to the following screen:

Simply input a password, save it and you will be able to access the system.

Once your password is set, you will see the following screen:

Then, click continue, and you will see this screen to access your fund online:

Please save your password somewhere you will remember.

How to navigate online access

Depending on your level of access to the fund you’re viewing in your account, you will have several navigation menu options to select from, looking something like the following:


The Home tab should be the one visible to you after you select a fund to view from your account login page. This tab displays your current balance, available cash, fund advisors as well as a summary of recent contributions and grants.

Please note that the figures displayed are live, non-final balances. Meaning, live figures will reflect gifts and grants made online but offline gifts and investment returns will be reflected in quarterly reconciliation updates reflected in fund statements.

If an account has access to other funds in the system, the login page may be navigated back to by clicking the Choose Fund tab.

The Logout tab allows you to log out of your online fund access account.

The other navigational tabs are explained below. Please note that tabs are displayed for users with the proper level of authorization for that function on the fund. Users may see varying numbers of the tabs displayed, depending on their association with the fund.

Contributions: How to see contribution history online

The history of contributions made is available on the Contributions tab per fund. Please note that gifts made prior to 2004 may display excess information resulting from prior database and software conversions.

Grants: How to see grantmaking history online

The history of grants made is available on the Grants tab per fund, as shown below:

Grant Request: How to recommend a grant online

Grant recommendations may be made via online fund access through the Grant Request tab.

For a grant recommendation to be successfully requested, the form on this tab must be executed properly and the recommendation must fall within the parameters of the fund. When your request is submitted, our grants team will review it and begin processing or let you know if additional information is needed.

Once on this tab, there are several ways to request a grant distribution, as shown below:

Select a grantee organization from a list of prior grantees given to in the past from this fund, as shown below. Nonprofit organizations holding a fund will want to use this option. Use the “Other foundation funds" option to request that NCCF contributes from your fund to another NCCF fund.

Select a grantee organization by searching for other grantees in the entire NCCF system, as shown below:

Enter grantee information manually, as shown below:

Once a grantee is selected, new fields will open where to enter additional information, including the amount and the purpose, as shown below:

Attaching a file is completely optional, and that function may never need to be used at all. Some prefer to include information provided by the grantee organization that might give additional detail about the grant – like a letter or a flyer. Anything typically mailed in the past along with a form should be attached here.

The next page of the form will show a final review of the grant recommendation, as shown below:

When you review the grant request before submitting it, if something is incorrect, you can click Edit Request to make corrections.

Submitting a grant recommendation through online fund access does not complete the transaction. It sends a message that you would like for the grant to be processed, and it will be addressed shortly. To confirm, check the list on the right-hand side on the Grants Request page. Your requested grants will be listed there in Pending status, as shown below.

Please note that if the grant is still in Pending status, it can still be canceled.

Statements: How to see fund statement online

The Statements tab displays your fund statements per fund. In order to view your statement, please click print beside the statement you wish to view, as shown below:

How to donate online

Fast, easy and secure methods of giving are available online, as shown below. Visit this page for a menu of options for online giving. To locate a specific fund to make an online gift, please visit this page.

Click Give Now in the top right-hand corner anywhere on the website to access this page.