For fundholders

NCCF is excited to announce that fundholders will have access to a donor portal in 2019. This protected access link from our website will provide donors with current information on their funds, expanded giving options and many convenient tools. Until our launch, visit this page to find several useful resources.

NCCF’s commitment is to steward your funds to help fulfill your charitable goals and strengthen your philanthropic impact in North Carolina communities. We pledge to:

  • Maintain an excellent investment program
  • Provide clear and accurate information about your fund
  • Respond promptly to your inquiries and correspondence
  • Understand the emerging needs and opportunities of North Carolina’s communities
  • Engage new generations of philanthropists
  • Maintain our pledge to help you fulfill your charitable objectives

Your role as fund advisor

As an active partner in the work of the NCCF, you play a critical role in enriching other lives through philanthropy. An effective giving plan is the result of donors embracing the following responsibilities:

  • Evaluating your own philanthropic goals annually
  • Educating yourself on unmet charitable needs in your community
  • Seeking out the best organizations to accomplish your charitable goals
  • Talking with NCCF staff about any changes in your charitable interests
  • Carefully reviewing your fund statements and annual grantmaking packet
  • Participating in opportunities provided through NCCF to strengthen your giving plan