The North Carolina Community Foundation is honored to partner with fundholders to administer hundreds of scholarship opportunities across North Carolina. We currently manage nearly 150 scholarship funds for individuals, families, school systems and organizations in the counties we serve throughout North Carolina. All our scholarship opportunities are made from specific funds with criteria established by the original donor.

The NCCF scholarship application cycle begins each year in February. Deadlines vary from mid-February to early June. Whether you are applying for a scholarship, have already received one, or are serving as a scholarship administrator, we are committed to providing the tools and information you need to make the process a smooth one for you.

For applicants

Applications to any NCCF scholarship should be certain to learn how to apply before beginning the process. More information on eligibility and criteria for awards is available below.

For general questions about NCCF scholarship programs, please email us at If you have a question about a specific scholarship, please contact the person identified as that scholarship's local contact. You can find this information by searching for the scholarship by your home county.

For recipients

Recipients of any NCCF scholarship should ensure the following information is read and submitted.

For administrators

Administrators of any NCCF scholarship may find resources below designed to support scholarship management.

Scholar Spotlights

Explore our Scholar Spotlight series and meet some of the outstanding students who receive scholarship aid from our fundholders.