Prevent Child Abuse NC establishes new endowment


As Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina continues celebrating 40 years, one of the organization’s founders, Dr. Ronald Keeney, spearheaded the establishment of a new endowment to honor the many contributions PCANC has made and will continue to make in the lives of children across North Carolina.

The Ronald E. Keeney MD Healthy Family Fund for Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina was first announced to more than 400 people at PCANC’s statewide conference in March. The endowment celebrates the incredible growth PCANC has seen and the work done for North Carolina’s children over the last 40 years.

PCANC is the leading statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect before it occurs. Through collaborating with partners across North Carolina to build community and implement prevention plans, PCANC is committed to its mission, and the establishment of this endowment further advances that cause in perpetuity.

“It’s inspiring to see PCANC committing to the future of children across the state and confirming their dedication to their mission with this new endowment,” said Tolle Whiteside, NCCF CEO and president.

With 2.9 million cases of child abuse being reported every year in the United States alone, this issue needs attention now more than ever, according to Sharon Hirsch, president and CEO of PCANC. “This endowment is our first that solely focuses on policy and advocacy work,” she said. “Though funding can be a barrier for this type of work, PCANC strongly believes in changing existing systems to ensure the best results for children and their families.”


This policy focus creates room for systemic, far-reaching, and permanent changes to be made, and can impact children and families regardless of where they live in North Carolina.

PCANC leaders like Dr. Keeney believe in investing in the future now, and establishing this endowment is a step in that direction. “I want Dr. Keeney to know how incredibly grateful we are for him here at PCANC,” Hirsch said. “He has dedicated years to this organization and has left an amazing legacy that will outlast him.”

This endowment means continuing the fight against child abuse in more ways than one. While pushing for tangible changes in policy, having an endowed fund to market to the public is beneficial for PCANC as an organization for raising awareness and donations.

Thanks to the generosity of donors supporting the fund, the endowment plays a role in ensuring even greater stability for PCANC going forward. As the endowment grows, it will help to build capacity for the agency to build policy expertise on child abuse prevention, continuing the important work done on behalf of children across North Carolina.

NCCF is honored to support the creation of an endowment that will continue to serve children in North Carolina for years to come, according to Tolle Whiteside.”

This endowment is an important step for Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina to invest in stronger policies to prevent child abuse in our state,” she said. “We’re incredibly grateful to have a long-standing partnership with PCANC and look forward to continuing to support the critical work they do for North Carolina’s children.