Community grantmaking calendar - Chronological order

NOTE: The ranges below reflect the dates applications are accepted for each group's 2024 grant cycle. Applications open on the first date listed and are due at NOON on the application closing date, which is the second date shown. Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted, including late submissions due to technology issues.

March 1 - April 2

  • Ashe County Community Foundation
  • Brunswick Community Foundation
  • Cary Women's Giving Network
  • Unifour Foundation Endowment Fund
  • Watauga County Community Foundation
  • Yadkin County Community Foundation

March 8 - April 9

  • Beaufort-Hyde Community Foundation
  • Bertie-Hertford Community Foundation
  • Bertie-Hertford Women's Fund. PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for applications to the Bertie-Hertford Women's Fund has been extended to April 30, 2024.
  • Chowan Community Funds Foundation
  • Martin County Community Foundation
  • Mount Airy/Surry County Community Foundation
  • Northern Albemarle Community Foundation
  • Women Givers of Northeast NC

March 15 - April 16

  • Alleghany County Community Foundation
  • Hoke County Community Foundation
  • Johnston County Community Foundation
  • Lenoir County Community Foundation
  • Montgomery County Fund

March 22 - April 23

  • Dallas Fred Allen Endowment
  • Franklin County Community Foundation
  • Lee County Community Foundation
  • New Hanover County Community Foundation
  • Onslow Caring Communities Foundation

March 29 - April 30

  • Columbus County Community Foundation
  • Granville Community Foundation
  • Robeson County Community Foundation
  • Vance County Community Foundation 

April 5 - May 7

  • Community Foundation for Randolph County 
  • Moore County Community Foundation

June 21 - July 23

  • Craven County Community Foundation
  • Harnett County Community Foundation
  • Jones County Community Foundation
  • Pamlico County Community Foundation
  • Swain County Community Foundation
  • Wilkes Community Foundation

June 28 - July 30

  • Avery Community Foundation
  • Cary Community Foundation
  • Currituck-Dare Community Foundation
  • Currituck-Dare Women's Fund
  • Duplin County Community Foundation
  • Duplin Foundation for Youth Advancement
  • Morrisville Community Fund
  • Wake County Community Foundation
  • Women's Giving Network of Wake County 

July 5 - Aug. 6

  • Eastern Band of Cherokees Community Foundation
  • Haywood County Community Foundation
  • Jackson County Community Foundation
  • Macon County Community Foundation
  • Madison County Community Foundation
  • Rockingham County Community Foundation
  • The Women's Fund of North Carolina

July 12 - Aug. 13

  • Edgecombe Charitable Foundation
  • Futrell-Mauldin Community Foundation for Greater Rocky Mount
  • Warren County Community Foundation
  • Wilson County Community Foundation

July 19 - Aug. 20

  • Carteret Community Foundation & Pearl's Pantry Fund
  • Catawba Valley Community Foundation
  • Cherokee County Community Foundation
  • Clay County Community Foundation
  • Graham County Community Foundation
  • Greene County Community Foundation
  • Moore Women- A Giving Circle
{"tinyMCE_dummy":"","title":"Community grantmaking calendar - Chronological order","url":"\/apply\/grants\/community-grantmaking\/community-grantmaking-calendar-chronological","meta":{"title":"","description":"","excludeFromSitemap":"No"},"ordinal":999,"content":"<p>NOTE:&nbsp;The ranges below reflect the dates applications are accepted&nbsp;<strong>for&nbsp;each group's&nbsp;2024 grant cycle<\/strong>. Applications open on the first date listed and are&nbsp;<strong>due at<\/strong>&nbsp;<strong>NOON<\/strong>&nbsp;on the application closing date, which is the second date shown.&nbsp;<span class=\"TextRun SCXW145867264 BCX9\" lang=\"EN-US\" xml:lang=\"EN-US\" data-contrast=\"none\"><span class=\"NormalTextRun SCXW145867264 BCX9\">Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted, including late submissions due to technology issues.<\/span><\/span><\/p>\r\n<h2>March 1 - April 2<\/h2>\r\n<ul>\r\n<li>Ashe County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Brunswick Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Cary Women's Giving Network<\/li>\r\n<li>Unifour Foundation Endowment Fund<\/li>\r\n<li>Watauga County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Yadkin County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<\/ul>\r\n<h2>March 8 - April 9<\/h2>\r\n<ul>\r\n<li>Beaufort-Hyde Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Bertie-Hertford Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Bertie-Hertford Women's Fund.<em><strong> PLEASE NOTE<\/strong>: The deadline for applications to the Bertie-Hertford Women's Fund has been extended to April 30, 2024.<\/em><\/li>\r\n<li>Chowan Community Funds Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Martin County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Mount Airy\/Surry County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Northern Albemarle Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Women Givers of Northeast NC<\/li>\r\n<\/ul>\r\n<h2>March 15 - April 16<\/h2>\r\n<ul>\r\n<li>Alleghany County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Hoke County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Johnston County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Lenoir County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Montgomery County Fund<\/li>\r\n<\/ul>\r\n<h2>March 22 - April 23<\/h2>\r\n<ul>\r\n<li>Dallas Fred Allen Endowment<\/li>\r\n<li>Franklin County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Lee County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>New Hanover County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Onslow Caring Communities Foundation<\/li>\r\n<\/ul>\r\n<h2>March 29 - April 30<\/h2>\r\n<ul>\r\n<li>Columbus County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Granville Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Robeson County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Vance County Community Foundation&nbsp;<\/li>\r\n<\/ul>\r\n<h2>April 5 - May 7<\/h2>\r\n<ul>\r\n<li>Community Foundation for Randolph County&nbsp;<\/li>\r\n<li>Moore County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<\/ul>\r\n<h2>June 21 - July 23<\/h2>\r\n<ul>\r\n<li>Craven County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Harnett County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Jones County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Pamlico County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Swain County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Wilkes Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<\/ul>\r\n<h2>June 28 -&nbsp;July 30<\/h2>\r\n<ul>\r\n<li>Avery Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Cary Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Currituck-Dare Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Currituck-Dare Women's Fund<\/li>\r\n<li>Duplin County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Duplin Foundation for Youth Advancement<\/li>\r\n<li>Morrisville Community Fund<\/li>\r\n<li>Wake County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Women's Giving Network of Wake County&nbsp;<\/li>\r\n<\/ul>\r\n<h2>July 5 - Aug. 6<\/h2>\r\n<ul>\r\n<li>Eastern Band of Cherokees Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Haywood County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Jackson County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Macon County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Madison County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Rockingham County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>The Women's Fund of North Carolina<\/li>\r\n<\/ul>\r\n<h2>July 12 - Aug. 13<\/h2>\r\n<ul>\r\n<li>Edgecombe Charitable Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Futrell-Mauldin Community Foundation for Greater Rocky Mount<\/li>\r\n<li>Warren County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Wilson County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<\/ul>\r\n<h2>July 19 - Aug. 20<\/h2>\r\n<ul>\r\n<li>Carteret Community Foundation &amp; Pearl's Pantry Fund<\/li>\r\n<li>Catawba Valley Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Cherokee County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Clay County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Graham County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Greene County Community Foundation<\/li>\r\n<li>Moore Women- A Giving Circle<\/li>\r\n<\/ul>","excerpt":"","media":0,"custom":{"masthead":{"title":"","counties":"","affiliate_logo":"","sub_text":"2018 community grantmaking listed chronologically by open date","background_image":"","caption":""},"latest_blog":{"post":""},"social_sharing":{"share_image":""},"the_latest":{"show_latest_posts_by":""}},"inMenu":false,"visibleTo":"Everyone","publishedAt":1533147978,"orderChildrenBy":"ordinal","enableComments":false,"permission":"read","id":"7e9f9b7db28244e590b05037a047f09a","parent":"71099a7499524c79be2024e586d27170","node":116124,"created":1533147978,"modified":1711641937,"fresh":1,"type":"page","children":{},"relations":{}}