For Administrators

On behalf of the North Carolina Community Foundation, thank you for serving as a scholarship administrator. We awarded $1.3 million in scholarships in 2023, and could not have done it without you!

Your Role

As a scholarship administrator, you are critical to enriching the lives of North Carolinians through access to higher education. An effective scholarship administrator will:

Our Commitment

To ensure the success of volunteer scholarship administrators and the programs you serve, NCCF will:


NCCF is committed to supporting you. Below are important resources to guide you in administering your scholarship.

Promotional Toolkit

Your promotion of the scholarship opportunities and awards is critical to the scholarship’s success! In our toolkit, you will find templates for flyers, press releases, emails, texts and social media posts. Check out the toolkit.

Required Documentation and Key Dates

The following two documents are required – please return these to NCCF by the noted due dates at

Scholarship Committee Form – Use this form to list individuals filling the required slots on the selection committee for your scholarship. You will receive the form from NCCF via email in mid-January and you must complete and submit it to NCCF by Feb. 15, 2024.  This document is required so NCCF can approve committee appointments as required by the IRS. If you do not receive a Scholarship Committee Form in January, please contact

Scholarship Recommendation and Minutes Form – This form is used to note the scholarship committee’s award recommendations and document minutes from the selection meeting. This form is due by May 31, 2024. The sooner we receive this information, the sooner we can send an award check to the student’s college or university. A few reminders:

Scholarship Awards

We encourage Scholarship Administrators to notify all applicants of the committee’s decision soon after materials are submitted to NCCF. Review templates of award and decline emails that you can customize and use.

Once a scholarship is approved for award, NCCF sends an email to the recipient, confirming their award and providing instructions for how to accept their award.

Students are required to complete a Scholar Information Form and submit it via their account on the NCCF Scholarships Portal before scholarship checks are issued. Students who do not submit their online form by Aug. 31, 2024, may have to forfeit their scholarship.

Upon submission of the Scholar Information Form, NCCF issues scholarship checks directly to colleges and universities. Awards will be paid in one check, but the college or university will split the amount equally between the fall and spring semesters. Review a sample of the Scholar Information Form.

2024 Scholarship Administrator Training

View the 2024 Scholarship Administrator Training and download the training slides.


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