Charitable Investment Partners Program (ChIPP)

Through a custom investment option – the Charitable Investment Partners Program (ChIPP) – you may recommend your own trusted investment advisor to manage the charitable assets making up your fund.

Who may use ChIPP?

  • Donors starting a fund or who have an existing charitable fund at NCCF with at least $1 million
  • Those who want their preferred financial advisor to manage charitable assets
  • Those who desire the benefits of a private foundation with more privacy and fewer administrative burdens
  • Those who seek greater breadth and depth of services and expertise to increase the efficiency and impact of their philanthropy

Benefits of ChIPP

  • Customized, personalized philanthropy for you, your family or company
  • Continued support and management of your personal financial advisor
  • Philanthropic planning and guidance from NCCF advisors, helping you develop your mission, involve your family, and build a meaningful legacy
  • Freedom to focus on grantmaking, because NCCF takes care of the compliance, due diligence, IRS filings, audits and reports
  • Assurance that NCCF will be around for generations to come, protecting your intentions as we have for nearly 35 years

Donor Considerations

Your recommended financial advisor must:

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Kathryn Roebuck Holding, J.D.

Vice President of Philanthropic Services