Requesting a Grant from Your Fund

Grant recommendations may be made via the Grant Request tab once you’re logged into the Online Fund Portal.

Selecting a grantee

You have three options for making grant requests:

  1. You may choose from previous grantees listed in a drop-down box.
Screenshot from NCCF's online fund portal.

2. You may search for other grantees in the NCCF system by typing the organization’s name into the box.

Screenshot from NCCF's online fund portal.

3. You may enter the grantee information manually.

Screenshot from NCCF's online fund portal.

Once a grantee is selected, new fields will open and you will enter the grant’s purpose in the “Description” box and the “Amount” you would like to request. You may attach a file, such as information provided by the grantee organization that might give additional detail about the grant – like a letter or a flyer. (Note: You may see an option to make the grant recurring. Please do NOT check that box. NCCF does not process recurring grant requests at this time to ensure grants are aligned with a fund’s spendable balance and with fundholders’ charitable interests.)

Click the green “Review” button.

Screenshot from NCCF's online fund portal.

You will review the request and either click on “Submit Request” or “Edit Request” to make any changes.

Screenshot from NCCF's online fund portal.

When your request is submitted, our grants team will review it to make sure it falls within the parameters of the fund. The team will then begin processing the grant or let you know if additional information is needed.

The “Status” will evolve from Request to Pending to Paid. If the grant is in Request or Pending status, it can still be canceled by going to the Grant Request tab and clicking the Cancel button.

The system will not alert you if you request grants totaling more than you have available, but you can track that as you go on the Home page of the Online Fund Portal. As soon as you submit a grant request, the Available Cash amount on the Home page will reduce by the amount of the grant request.

Grantmaking history

The Grants tab shares the history of grant distributions from the fund a) by organization and b) in chronological order. This includes the date processed, status, name of the organization receiving the grant, grant purpose, and grant amount. You may also click on the “Export” tab to download a spreadsheet of grants information.

If you want to make a grant to the same organization, click on the organization or scroll down and click the green “COPY” button. It will replicate the information for a new grant request.

Screenshot from NCCF's Online Fund Portal