A new way to communicate

I recorded a podcast this week, a first for me. This will be available to our affiliate board members soon and outlines some basics about our work and our business model.

This was a good way to share a consistent message with a large group. As much as I love being out across the state, because of our large footprint it is not always practical for me to attend 60 affiliate board meetings. Nor can we always bring everyone together — so we are always looking for ways to communicate effectively. We will be looking carefully at how this type of communications channel works. 

I have to tell you it is much harder than it looks! We worked with an outside company that set up a soundproof kind of tent contraption in my office, where I stood without moving or making any noises — which meant off with my scarf and jewelry. Basically I stood as still as possible on a piece of tape, reading, all the while trying to sound like I was not reading, but rather engaged in a conversation.

I had been advised to drink only room temperature water. It took ten takes, actually just one read-through, and then nine additional takes. These additional takes had me go back and better enunciate my P’s or change the order of my words.  

I now have new appreciation for the producers of “Serial!” If you haven’t started listening to this podcast, you must.

It’s always good to try something new.