About that cobweb…

SO, I can’t see clearly. Truly. I have learned recently that my eyes are old and my brain is a bit slow. Let me explain. A recent eye exam revealed that I had moved beyond drugstore reading glasses to real life glasses. I have to admit, I was kind of excited. As a kid I always wanted glasses. And if I am being honest, I wanted braces too. I am not sure why now, but I remember making a retainer out of a paper clip, thinking it was pretty cool. (And yes, before you respond, I know that braces are painful and not fun, and my husband who got glasses at age 8 tells me I am bit deranged to want these things.) 

Anyway, back to my not seeing. I got real life-glasses — progressives — and for the past two weeks have been attempting to acclimate. I can see far away really clearly — oh my — I never realized the cracks over the doorway, or the cobweb I need to get down from the ceiling. But close up is a bit challenging: still a little blurry and just not quite in focus. I understand that it is all in my brain, and that it can often take several weeks for people to adjust (and some never do), but it has been a bit frustrating. Determined to make it work, I have talked with many people about their own adjustment to progressive lenses, read about it and even watched a video. It also is a tribute to my perpetual optimism, as each day I dutifully put on my glasses and believe in my heart that today is the day that I will be able to see everyone near and far clearly. I will keep you posted.

All that is said to explain my current “vision,” so to speak. In the last several weeks I have read a little less and focused more on the bigger picture of what I can see. It has been illuminating. It has provided me with a little different perspective, and I have appreciated the opportunity to step back and look at the long view. So often we get sucked up in the details and minutiae so that we can’t see where we are going or what is happening around us. All of the tiny details don’t seem quite as important. There is beauty in the “long-range view,” as the mountain real estate ads tout.

I am going to enjoy the big picture for a little bit longer, which means I am seeing plenty of cobwebs.