Alleghany County Community Foundation hosts wine dinner (August 2018)

The Alleghany County Community Foundation recently held its annual wine dinner fundraiser.

The ACCF wine dinner fundraiser was held at Olde Beau County Club. The wine dinner fundraiser is a two-night event, with the first dinner held on Aug. 3 and the next dinner being held on Aug. 18. Around 100 people attended the first night of the fundraiser, and another 150 are expected to attend the second night. 

At the dinner, ACCF Chair Pratt Davis spoke about the foundation and the ACCF Grants Chair Greg Bare spoke about the 2018 grantees and the work they are doing in Alleghany County.  The funds raised from this event will go to the Alleghany Opportunity Fund, which enables the ACCF to more adequately respond to changing community needs to enhance the quality of community life within the county through annual grants to local nonprofit organizations.