An agency endowment can add credibility

Could your nonprofit organization benefit from establishing an agency endowment? 

It’s true, many nonprofit organizations can benefit by establishing an agency endowment.  Do you plan for your agency’s long-term financial future?  Do you wish to secure planned gifts?  If so, an agency endowment with the North Carolina Community Foundation could be for you. And now, in this market, is a great time to learn more about establishing agency endowments. 

An agency endowment fund is a permanent fund invested to grow over time and return an amount to your organization as a reliable source of income each year.  It’s as simple as that. The bulk of the fund remains invested, and only a portion is ever distributed. 

Many donors are fond of giving to endowment funds and comfortable with organizations that hold endowments. The donor recognizes the maturity of the nonprofit organization when an endowment fund is in place, and donors know that the organization is ready to receive a planned gift, or bequest — when they have an endowment in place.  In other words, by establishing an agency endowment fund, your donors know you are serious about your long-term financial stability and ready to receive gifts of any size, now and in the future, for the future of the organization.  

The NCCF offers a streamlined procedure for establishing an agency endowment fund.  A minimum gift of $10,000, a simple legal agreement and a corporate resolution are all that your organization needs to have in hand — and you’re on your way to protecting your nonprofit’s future.  Once established, additional gifts may be made in any amount at any time. Our Foundation staff is available to work with your donors or advisors on major and planned gifts to the fund.  We even provide the administration and the record-keeping, as well as gift acknowledgments and fund performance reports.   

What could be easier or more profoundly significant to your nonprofit organization?   Your future is right around the corner.