…AND there were cupcakes!

We had a great day in our Raleigh office today.  We were busting at the seams with all of our staff in attendance for one of our quarterly all-staff meetings. All 24 of us were “in the house!”  We learned a lot, shared some great stories, laughed, had a baby shower, played a game, teamed up and listened attentively — ohh and had cupcakes too. Hands down we have the best team. The support, commitment and camaraderie were palpable.

We also had a great training session today on “Giving Voice to our NCCF Personal Story.” Our trainer, Linda Shields, is a skilled speech/voice coach and keynote speaker. And she rocked it. She helped each of us develop our vocal image and challenged us to connect our own story with our work at NCCF. 

We do so much that sometimes it can be a challenge to come up with an “elevator speech” or a one- or two-sentence answer when asked what we do here at the Foundation.  Linda helped immensely with this today. We know now how to use our vocal chords, find our “true” range – and most importantly, voice our “real” stories.

So, the next time you see one of us — ask us what we do! You may be surprised by our answers, but you won’t doubt our sincerity!  And we will sound so very pleasing.