Beginning your year of generosity

Here’s wishing you and your family our warmest wishes for a happy new year!

I am going to keep repeating a hopeful welcome to the new year, especially during a time that feels reminiscent of Groundhog’s Day, as we are thrilled to start a new year at NCCF.

January marks the beginning of our scholarship season. We also have several grantmaking funds opening in the next few weeks.

February will mark the launch of the NC Healing Communities Fund. This grant opportunity showcases everything that we’re about here at NCCF. We are particularly proud to provide support to underserved nonprofit organizations across the state as they recover from the impacts of COVID-19. The philanthropic community is coming together to ensure our local nonprofits have the support they need to not only survive this crisis, but also to come out stronger on the other side.

You can read more about this fund here.

This year, we’ll bring you an interview with a different NCCF fundholder in every quarter’s Inside NCCF. In this issue, we’re shining a light on agency funds, held by nonprofit organizations, and showcasing the important work of long-time NCCF partner Preservation NC. Read our full interview with Myrick Howard, executive director of Preservation North Carolina, below.

Myrick is a treasure in our state. He has led this organization for more than 40 years and has been an NCCF fundholder for 30 of those. His perspective on the power of endowment is a testament to community foundations everywhere.

We can’t wait to see this impact you will have this year through your grantmaking – and our team is ready to support you.

Let’s make this a wonderful new year.