Craven County Community Foundation awards local grants (August 2014)

The CCCF has made 2014 awards from its community grantmaking fund, the Richard Chapman Cleve Fund and the Nelson Family Memorial Endowment Fund, according to Mrs. Alice Tolson, CCCF board president.

Grants totaling $108,700 were awarded in a ceremony Aug. 25 at First Citizens Bank, New Bern. This year’s nonprofit recipients include:

John Kirkland, CCCF board member and grants chair, thanked the community for support of the Craven County Community Foundation.  “These grants are important to our community and our quality of life,” he said.  “Critical programs would not be possible without the generosity of many individuals and organizations that have supported Craven County’s community fund.”  He added that the CCCF was also thankful for the legacy of generosity left by the Cleve endowment and the Nelson Family Memorial endowment.

The Craven County Community Foundation is an affiliate of the North Carolina Community Foundation.  Tax-deductible contributions can be made to the Craven County Community Fund, which is administered by the NCCF.