Creating opportunities for fundholders and nonprofits

NCCF is the proud home to a statewide affiliate network, which you are a part of as a fundholder. We also hold a number of donor advised funds, the type of endowment that allows the fundholder to make grants recommendations to nonprofit organizations of the donor’s choosing.

Those donor advised fundholders are a very important part of the NCCF family of funds. These folks make a lot of grants. In fact, last year, more than 60% of our overall grantmaking came from these funds.

In my role as a Donor Engagement Officer, I’m always looking for opportunities to share more information with my donor advised funds. Some fundholders may not know that our statewide affiliate network facilitates competitive grantmaking processes where applications garner information on funding opportunities and impacts.

Through this process, we are home to a clearing house of information on where funds are needed across the state. We always ask our grantseekers for permission to share this information with other fundholders. A significant majority give us an enthusiastic yes.

These two factors create a unique and exciting opportunity to share information about programs and nonprofits from affiliate applications with donor advised funds.

We are creating a new initiative with the goal of reaching our donor advised fundholders with information about funding opportunities and needs stemming from our affiliate grantmaking program.

Our intent is to create an opportunity to raise awareness about our nonprofit partners, highlight the leadership of our affiliate boards and expand grantmaking opportunities for our donor advised fundholders.

In the coming months, communications with this grants infromation will come from our donor engagement team and will include information about organizations seeking funding in the county.

By sending this information, we do not intend to recommend these organizations or programs, but rather want to share this wealth of information and opportunities for our donor advised fundholders to review and make decisions. These organizations will be vetted by our grants and scholarships team so fundholders will know that these are eligible nonprofits whose financial information has been reviewed.

Our hope is that this will be great information for our donor advised fundholders and ideally introduce them to organizations and opporutnities they didn’t know about before.

Our donor engagement team will stand at the ready to answer questions, be a resource and assist our donor advised fundholders in any way that we can.

Stay tuned in the coming months for more information. If you are interested in what is happening in a specific community you care about, please reach out to your donor engagement officer.

In the meantime, if you want to learn more about our local affiliates across the state, click here to find one in a community close to your heart.