Currituck-Dare’s 2012 annual meeting highlights scholarships

By Peggy Birkemeier, Regional Associate

Sheila Tyler, president of the Currituck-Dare Community Foundation, summarized goals to strengthen and grow scholarship opportunities for students in Currituck and Dare counties at the affiliate’s annual meeting March 27. 

She noted that scholarships provide vital transformational opportunities for students and for the future of our economy.  The Foundation manages several funds to support future teachers, to enable women to return to college and complete a degree and to assist students with promising skills and capabilities.  While financial need is a criteria for most awards today, other factors are also taken into consideration.

Tyler reminded those present that the deadline for high school students is March 30.

The Virginia Dare BPW Scholarship for women age 25 and older has an April 12 deadline.  The BPW fund supports women returning to school to complete a college degree.

Leslie Ann Jackson, NCCF program associate for grants and scholarships, highlighted the impacts of the nearly 130 scholarship funds active on a yearly basis.  The North Carolina Community Foundation has awarded nearly $829,000 in scholarships and educational grants for academic year 2011-2012. This includes $610,929 in direct scholarship aid to students from across North Carolina, representing 332 scholarships to 291 students. Of these, 105 scholarships were awarded to first-generation college students.  Women benefitted from 189 scholarship awards totaling $340,059. Students receiving awards attended 15 of the 16 public universities in NC, and 22 private NC colleges as well as attending schools in 17 states. In 2011, NC State University had the most scholarship awardees of scholarship grants through NCCF.

The NCCF also has contributed another $217,779 in grant money to educational institutions for the purpose of awarding scholarships to students attending these schools.  Jackson also shared student comments about the value they placed on their awards as a measure of local community support.

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