Don’t you know your secret is safe with me?

My neighbor is digging a grave in the front yard. At least it looks like he is. But is it really any of my business?

We have new neighbors moving in this weekend across the street, and I pledged last night that I would go over this weekend with brownies or some sort of food item to welcome them to the ‘hood. (Please note, my pledge is not a legally binding contract, rather a personal intention to be a better person.) 

Although they have not moved in yet, this morning when I walked our dog I noticed a man digging what looked to be a grave in the front yard. Seriously. Perhaps I am binge-watching too many British crime shows, but he is digging a rather large hole in a strange place near a tree. I mean what else could it be? I came home after the dog walk and told my husband, and he simply said, “Interesting…” He had not had any coffee yet, so I am sure he just did not hear me.

While I simply walked by and said, “Good Morning!” I looked curiously at his work, but did not ask him what he was doing. And he did not offer any clues.

But witnessing this strange activity has me thinking. Is it actually any of my business? Should I ask him what he was doing? And that got me to the point of pondering about privacy. And then that led me to NCCF and our strong commitment to privacy at the North Carolina Community Foundation.

In fact, one of the reasons people sometimes chose to work with a community foundation is because of that very benefit. Sometimes people wish to remain anonymous in their giving, sometimes people don’t want others to have any idea about their resources or they want to streamline their charitable requests.

Money is personal. We don’t always want others to know how much we have or don’t have. A community foundation can work with you to accomplish this. We are committed to keeping your information private. (Reason #443 to work with a community foundation!)

I invite you to learn more about our privacy policy,