Edgecombe Charitable Foundation awards more than $35,000 in grants

The Edgecombe Charitable Foundation (ECF) has awarded $35,140 in grants to programs supporting the local community.

The board of advisors granted:

Funds for the grants came from ECCF’s community grantmaking fund and the Mary Ferebee Howard Endowment fund.

“These organizations are vital to the residents of Edgecombe County,” said Michael Peters, advisory board president of the Edgecombe Charitable Foundation. “We are happy to provide this support.”

ECCF is an affiliate of the North Carolina Community Foundation and is led by a local volunteer advisory board.

Each year, ECCF uses dollars from its endowment funds to make grants to local nonprofit organizations. 

Learn more about ECCF and its work in the community or make a tax-deductible donation at nccommunityfoundation.org/Edgecombe. For further information about ECCF, contact Dawn Neighbors at dneighbors@nccommunityfoundation.org.

Edgecombe Charitable Foundation Advisory Board Members

Advisory board members live and work in Edgecombe County, positioning them to strategically leverage resources, meet local needs and access opportunities. In addition to Peters, board members include Joy Chafin (vice president), Laura Temple (secretary), Mary Jane Jenkins (grants chair), Thomas Anderson, Natalie Bess, Alison Blodgett, Carol Cobb, Jerome Creech, Linda Knight, Jim C. Marrow, Mears Pitt, Jane Thorne and Alex Urquhart.

About the North Carolina Community Foundation

The North Carolina Community Foundation (NCCF) is the only statewide community foundation serving North Carolina and has administered over $243 million in grants since 1988. With more than $440 million in assets, NCCF sustains more than 1,200 endowments and partners with a network of affiliates to award grants and scholarships in communities across the state.

An important component of NCCF’s mission is to ensure rural philanthropy has a voice at the local, regional and national levels. 

Media contact
Amy Dominello Braun, Senior Communications & Marketing Officer
abraun@nccommunityfoundation.org, 919-256-6922